June 11, 2016
Stephen Fuller Quartet
8:00PM - 10:30PM

Shh! The Roadhouse may be the best-kept secret in Northern New Jersey -- the area's best jazz, rock, and event the occasional folkie in an intimate coffeehouse venue. The Roadhouse only opens to the public on the second Saturday evening of the month. It's where the area's musicians go to hear other musicians, and you might find yourself sitting next to a famous jazz drummer or a vocalist from Australia. You never know.

Musicians love the audience that takes the time to find the Roadhouse, and when musicians love their audience, they play their hearts out. Why does it take time to find the Roadhouse? We've cleverly hidden it in a church basement, where audience and musicians are within touching distance of each other. The acoustics are great.

The Roadhouse serves real coffee and tea - it's a coffeehouse, not a bar, after all. Hot and cold snacks and desserts are included in the admission. There's art, too, because art and music go together. You can sip your coffee whie perusing original works available for purchase at the Roadhouse Fine Arts Gallery. Works change with each opening. Show proceeds always benefit local charities. UnionTV 34 records the shows for broadcast - so check out past shows on cable.

Ask around. You might be surprised to find who knows about the Roadhouse. But you didn't hear it from us...